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Achatiny / Suchozemští plži


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My Giant African snail pet (Achatina fulica) at 5x speed.

A few of my Pets, the Giant African snail (Achatina fulica) at 5x speed. In Dutc...

33 sekund
Giant african land snail babies

Say hello to: Quicksnail, Metalsnail, Heatsnail, Airsnail, Bubblesnail, Woodsnai...

50 sekund
Big and Slimy! Bugface: Land Snail (Ep 3) - Earth Unplugged - BBC

Subscribe to Earth Unplugged -- On this episode of Bugface we get slimy, ...

2 minut : 56 sekund
Giant African Land Snail update

This is my giant african land snail Patrick and here is his setup

1 minut : 36 sekund
Giant African Land Snail eating

My albino giant African land snail eating :)

51 sekund
Giant African Land Snail Care And Babies Setup

MrReptile1998's webcam video 19 September 2011 12:00 (PDT)

4 minut : 54 sekund
Attack of the Giant African Snails!

They're every gardener's nightmare: giant snails the size of a man's hand that e...

2 minut : 32 sekund
African Giant Snails

The Achatinidae represent a group of African terrestrial pulmonate Snails. About...

3 minut : 47 sekund
Gary Again

**UPDATE!! 21/08/2010** RIP Gary! Sadly Gary has passed away :( we estimate that...

1 minut : 17 sekund

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