Videa - Big snakes / Velcí hadi

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Big snakes / Velcí hadi


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Python Challenge: Snake Hunters Ready for Massive Wipeout

Florida residents prepare to rid Everglades of growing population of Burmese Pyt...

2 minut : 9 sekund
Favorite Snakes : SnakeBytesTV

Favorite Snakes ; I'll show you some of my favorite snakes in this weeks episode...

11 minut : 36 sekund
Snake on the Wing of a Plane: Qantas 12ft python clinging on to a wing at 30000ft

Passengers on a Qantas jet flying over Australia got a shock when they spotted a...

1 minut : 19 sekund

Beautiful BIG Snakes is what this week's episode is all about! 20 MINUTES UNDERG...

20 minut : 15 sekund

This is PRONI, the pet 24 feet long python from the exotic island of Bohol, near...

1 minut : 52 sekund
Python Snake Hunters Wanted in Florida

State of Florida declares open season on deadly python snakes that are slitherin...

2 minut : 11 sekund
Snake on a plane: Python rides wing of Qantas flight - Truthloader

Passengers on a Qantas flight between Cairns, Australia and Papua New Guinea wer...

1 minut : 55 sekund
Python on Wing in Mid-Flight, Quantas Airlines

A huge stowaway python crawled out onto the wing of a Quantas airlines plane mid...

54 sekund
Snake on Qantas airplane

Identical to "Snake on a Plane", this stories is about a python on a Qantas flig...

1 minut : 19 sekund
Snake on a Plane: Huge python clinging to aircraft wing in mid-air

Pictures show huge python clinging to aircraft wing in mid-air. Report by Mark M...

1 minut : 4 sekund

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