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Parrots speaking / Mluvící papoušci


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Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Lola's a GOOD GIRL!

Lola is our Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot. She is a very boisterous girl and quite a...

4 minut : 21 sekund
Parrot Talk: Conversations With An African Grey Parrot

Presented in High Definition. Our female Congo African Grey parrot Arua is a pre...

3 minut : 50 sekund
My parrot speaking Serbian.avi

RIP Kiki 2005-2013

40 sekund
Jako the parrot, cooling off in his pool

Jako, my cousin's parrot cooling off during hot summer afternoon quite funny ;-)

5 minut : 46 sekund
ALEX - One of the most smartest parrots ever!

This is Alex, the african grey parrot. Sadly he died in 2007 :( But this proves ...

3 minut : 49 sekund
Ponti the African Gray Parrot

My parrot gets into her groove and vocalizes quite a bit for the camera. usually...

5 minut : 19 sekund
talking parrot of Pakistan.mp4

my parrot saying a lot of words. keep watching my channel for new videos of my p...

4 minut : 6 sekund
Vietnamese Alexander Parrot Dacing

His name is Bamboo

2 minut : 45 sekund
parrot speaks Russian. nicely

2 minut : 20 sekund

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