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Pet rats / Potkani


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Pet rat - socializing, trust, snuggles.

Shy Lila spends time in my hand. Music courtesy of Kevin MacLe...

4 minut : 2 sekund
Tribute to Sugar (RIP) my pet rat

This is my beloved pet Sugar, my first rat to leave me. I will always miss her. ...

2 minut : 35 sekund
Lois my old pet Rat 11/11/06

This is my pet rat Lois who suffered from a mammary tumor and had to be put down...

2 minut : 10 sekund
Pet rat steals yogies, hilarity ensues

My rat Auggie being his awesome self. You have to watch it to find out what I me...

6 sekund
How to make a Carrying Sack / Pouch for your Pet Rat or Ferret out of Fleece with NO Sewing!!!

Easy and FUN, low-budget, and the Fuzzies will LOVE it.!!!

10 minut : 43 sekund
How to make a Triple Square Hammock for your pet Rat or Ferret

An easy way of making a Simple Triple Hammock out of fleece with absolutely no s...

4 minut : 43 sekund
My Pet Rat Taking a Bath

This is my pet rat, Cheerio, in the sink, taking a relaxing shower. As you can s...

1 minut : 6 sekund
Casper my pet husky rat

My pet Rat casper the husky

1 minut : 44 sekund
Cute pet rat loves to cuddle

Krambambuli obviously loves being cuddled - until the cam is discovered ;-) sorr...

35 sekund
Cute! Pet rat steals tissue box

My dumbo rat Dresden is trying to steal a tissue, but he runs off with the whole...

12 sekund

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