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Chinchilla vs Cat

I have extensive experience with animals & animal behaviour and so my animals always have an escape route if feeling threatened. Chi Chi is a mid age Chinchilla which I rescued from Freemans Bay, Auckland. Whiskers I rescued from under a school classroom in Mangere, Auckland that had been getting its daily meals from the kids. Both were obtained 2 weeks apart in April 2014. Both have lovely personalities. Never ever seen a cat before that doesn't use its nails but Whiskers is a first, just always gently bites and holds proceeding to licking the victim (:P) afterwards. Chi Chi did bite a bit when changing things in enclosure but never when outside of cage. Thankfully with his new much larger cage not seen in this video he doesn't do that anymore. Adoption is far better than buying from a mill or breeder.

Song is called: To be young (is to be sad) by Ryan Adams. I don't own any part of it.


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